Top eleven football manager cheats

Top eleven football manager cheats

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Hello guys, today I will present you our first and very new tool – Top eleven football manager cheats tool. As we are playing it too and we are sick about freemium model, when you do not know how much you will spend playing this game, we decided to test the servers of producer and with some luck we found a bug, which allows us to manipulate with the sql tables. We find freemium model very close to the gambling and so we decided to protest against it by releasing our tool to general public and players like us! Below you will find some more information and instructions how to use our tool. We are proud about it. Really! You can generate as much fans, cash and tokens as you need!

Is the Top eleven football manager cheats tool really working?

This is the question of almost everyone. It is free, so you can try it yourself. Be aware than it might take slightly more time to generate resources to your game as we need to do it with no trace and quiet ;) For non-believers, here is the screenshot from the game:

Top eleven new tested proof

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How does the Top eleven football manager cheats tool looks like?

How does the Top eleven cheats tool looks like


How to use the Top eleven football manager cheats tool?

Top eleven football manager Cheats Tool is nice and pretty easy. Everything what you need to do is to type in your registered email, which you used in AppStore, PlayStore or facebook and then click on continue. Once done, type exact amount of cash, fans and tokens and press continue. Tool will connect to your account and in around 30-45 seconds it will add you your desired resources.  Few users reported an issue with this tool. Solution is easy – make sure you will not forget to restart the game after using this unique tool. You need to understand, application needs to sync data from online account and there is a need to restart a game for it. Best is to turn off and on again your mobile device as only via this you can be totally sure , game wasn’t loaded anywhere.

About Top eleven football manager

Top Eleven Football Manager is online football(soccer) manager simulation available on both Google Play store and the App Store. The game is also available on Facebook. The game was conceived in order to address a lack of social football-management games for the social media environment. Top Eleven Football Manager, managed to transfer the look and feel of desktop applications to Facebook.  Two years after being launched on Facebook, Top Eleven was launched on one of the biggest Russian social networks – Odnoklassniki. You will be managing the football team as a manager. Not more not less. And pretty nicely connected to facebook. Do you like football (Or soccer)? And you always wanted to know what is behind the scene? Then try it. It’s free.